4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 that you just cannot ignore

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4 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 that you just cannot ignore

‘Online Marketing’ is booming

With every passing day, technology is unboxing a host of surprises which are difficult to accept, at least at one go! 2017’s gone only to never return. What worked well in 2017 may not in 2018. It’s always better to employ change and invest on those strategies which will work excellently in the upcoming years. Today, becoming omnipresent is of utmost importance. You need to book the top of the mind seat of your TG.
Let’s take a close study of the 4 key insights which are sure to bring blockbuster results in 2018.

4 Key Insights in 2018, what are they?

1. Augmented Reality(AR)- A Promising Future

Augmented Reality which integrates digital information with the user’s environment is said to boom in 2018. Research also shows that AR has a promising future, as by 2021, it’s expected to create wondrous results in digital marketing.
With the recent developments from Apple, Google, Snapchat etc. AR is already hitting the eardrums as the buzzword.
According to industry experts, AR industry is worth between $30-162 billion.
The future looks flourishing because biggies like Google with ARCore, SnapchatLense Studio and Apple’s ARKit have triggered success by allowing developers to create their very own apps which are doing marvellously.

2. SEO & Content -The Game Changer! BE AWARE!

According to experts, SEO is all set to become “Marketing” in 2018. According to Seth Besmertnik, the CEO & co-founder of Conductor, SEO will get more integrated into mainstream marketing. He told his customers that there’s no need for SEO, anymore, instead, they must make their sites better. Google is getting tremendously advanced and it can tell whether a website is proving any value to its customers, only keywords will not work. E.g. if a website has a bad experience or its content is poorly written, Google will catch it.
SEO is now not only keywords but also content, products & services which provide value to customers when they search.

3.Videos on Demand!
Nothing is more striking than a good video content. YouTube took over the world only to get glued onto videos for hours. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, anything- Video content will experience a boom in 2018.

Statistics- a) Over a billion hours of videos are watched by YouTube views, everyday.
b) Facebook users view over 8 million videos, everyday.

4.Social Media Stories- The new art of Storytelling!
Pioneered by Snapchat, social media storytelling is becoming evident now. And 2018 is expected to see an enormous use of storytelling by digital marketers.
Instagram Stories, Reels of YouTube are doing wonderfully. Take ‘Stories’ as a key part of your marketing strategies.

Happy Marketing!

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