Mobile apps are adding value to your customer’s online experience

Keeping up with the latest technology trend and making your reach to consumers more easily available and convenient a business not only needs to win over their competition but also needs to work in the direction to improve the overall online experience for the customer. Among all this competition and enhancing customer experience, one thing […]

The Integration Plan Of Facebook Is Going To Take The Social Media Landscape By A Storm

With the growing relevance of social media marketing services in Kolkata and elsewhere, businesses need to be aware of the changes that are about to take place in the social media landscape. So, as a leading social media marketing company in Kolkata, we at MindEdge Solutions have put together this piece of article for your […]

Website Development and Website Design are two different elements of any website

Website Design and Web Development may sound similar to many of us but these are two very specific and separate tasks. Both the terms have different prospects and meaning. Website design refers to the graphical representation, structure, theme and other visual elements of the website, whereas website development makes the design of the website a […]

Rules of Content Marketing in 2019 that you can’t ignore

All you create as a content writer has to be followed by a holistic content strategy as per the latest trend of that year and keeping in mind the constant change in consumer’s preferences. This include from starting the content thought, how to build it, the purpose of the content, your audience and the impact […]

Instagram changes which we should know in 2019

The rapid advancement in the digital world makes it impossible to track all the change taking place. However, no matter the new trends and developments, knowing about the revolution and how to best utilize it for your business is important. Instagram is one such social media platform which is growing in importance and everyday development […]

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Startup Rise to Unimaginable Levels

Running a startup and emerging triumphant amongst the cloud of cut-throat competition is a herculean task. From finances to managing products to building long-lasting relationships with clients, and more, everything requires extensive research and attention to details. The underlying factor which makes all of these easier is digital marketing. But, to see the results of […]

Must know 2019 Website Trends

With regards to web development, one will undoubtedly encounter steady changes and updates every now and then. Having a responsive site builds the odds of change; individuals who are visiting your site must discover motivation to transform into your regular clients. This is the place where web advancement becomes a necessity, web designers always have […]

Top Trends In 2019 That Are Going To Take The Mobile App Development World By A Storm

Mobile app and software development trends have made our lives easier and much more convenient. And the good news is that the mobile app development landscape is still consistently evolving to provide users with better experiences. We, at MindEdge Solutions, have been studying the trends in the mobile app development in Kolkata and investing in […]

Here’s how you can have your website visually appealing

It’s not new to know that a website that lacks visual appeal has the highest bounce rate. Visitors will leave the website if the page looks boring and lacks a visual appeal. Good website design will create a brand identity and make an impression that lasts forever. Even when the website doesn’t serve the purpose […]

Know the SEO trends to survive 2019

The practice of search engine system keeps evolving. With the incursion of data analytics and artificial intelligence, the digital domain has grown a lot and we see development in search engine algorithms and user experience. So here are 10 paramount SEO trends that all businesses should pay attention to: 1.Voice Search Revolution With the voice […]