What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of tracking and managing prospective customers. Sometimes referred to as customer acquisition management or contact management.

Why Lead Management? 

  • Know your buyer profile.
  • Score and grade leads.
  • Define the difference between interest and intent.
  • Collect (the right) information from leads.
  • Nurture leads who aren’t quite sales-ready.
  • Develop content to support lead nurturing efforts.
  • Track and report.

What is DigiLead?

DigiLead is a complete web-based Lead Management solution which helps you to collect, manage, Process and track your organizations valuable leads from one dashboard.

Benefits that You Get.

  • Your sales and marketing team will know more about your buyers profile.
  • You can assign lead to appropriate sales team.
  • You will collect valuable information from leads.
  • You will be able to measure/monitor lead follow up by your sales team.
  • You can view summary reports user wise and campaign wise.


Lead collection: DigiLead Collects lead at one place from all your sources.

One click and Assign: Manager can assign leads to sales team in just one click.

Step by Step Follow-up: After getting a lead sales team can start follow-up step by step.

Lead Report: Manager can view their Sales team follow-up.

Lead Summary: Manager can view complete lead report to calculate ROI.

Add New Employee: Manager can add a new employee directly from their dashboard.

Instant SMS: DigiLead sends an Instant SMS at the time of new lead entry and lead assignment.