What is DigiLead?

DigiLead is the process by which marketing acquires, evaluates, nurtures and hands off leads to the sales team. Sounds simple enough, right?

Many companies have no standards in place for properly managing leads, so weeding out genuine buyers from those just poking around is difficult and time-intensive. Sales departments often receive weak leads, wasting more time and ultimately detracting from revenue. In fact, according to Gleanster Research, only 25% of leads in a given sales pipeline are legitimate prospects.

Reasons Why You Should Choose DigiLead

Easy to use tools to keep track of all your Leads

Lead Tracking

This software helps in tracking a lead through online or offline platform.

Lead Distribution

This software enables automated lead distribution.

Sales Automation

This software enables automated lead assignment and set up sales task and alerts automatically.

Sales Tracking

This software enables tracking prospective sales.

SMS Marketing

This software enables lead generation through SMS Marketing.

Security and Reliability

This software is the most secured and reliable platform for generating leads. There are no way of the leads being disclosed to outsiders.

Comprehensive Features

Take your portfolio to the next level with top features.

Capture All your Online & Offline Leads

Online leads are collected through the enquiry forms in the landing page, or any other online platform. Offline leads are collected through the entry in the stores.

Identify Different Type of Leads

Another unique feature of this software enables you to identify the quality of the lead i.e important, useful, spam.

Lead Activity History

This software enables measuring lead activity history. Digilead allows identifying the history of the lead’s activity.

Automated Lead Distribution

This automated software helps in automated lead distribution among several online & offline platform. This platform distributes the leads equally.

Automate Lead Assignment

This software assigns leads to the concerned people. This software allows automated lead assignment.

Visualize your Sales Funnel

Digilead enables identifying the prospect. The nature of lead helps in in identifying a prospective sales conversion.

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