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Here’s how you can have your website visually appealing

It’s not new to know that a website that lacks visual appeal has the highest bounce rate. Visitors will leave the website if the page looks boring and lacks a visual appeal. Good website design will create a brand identity and make an impression that lasts forever. Even when the website doesn’t serve the purpose of the visitor, an attractive design lasts in the visitor’s mind for long, thereby creating a brand identity of your business. Not only this, but a good design will also build the trust of the visitors on your business because if a business can ‘look pretty, they do pretty’ phenomena plays with the psychology of the visitor’s/customer’s mind.

To ensure your design is winsome and appealing, here are some tips that will help you with the visual appeal of your website:

1. Pick the Right Colors: For most (READ: ALL) of the customers/clients, the colors of your webpage get them convinced to buy your products/services. The wrong colors can discourage and might as well make them never visit your website again. So going via the psychology of the customer, visual message that best fits your brand identity and right colors are very important to keep in a note while designing your website.

2. Employ Multimedia: Images, videos, gifs, and other graphics are not only captivating but also speaks more than words. When the right type of graphic is done, it will serve as a treat to the visitor’s eye and who doesn’t like a treat? Well, with the best use of multimedia, animated buttons and engaging scrollers you can definitely win your customer’s heart.

3. Create Consistency: Every time a visitor scrolls through another page on your website, his visual site is not ready for relearning the pattern of your website. This can disturb the attraction he got at the first glance of your website. Consistency starts with logo and color scheme. The logo should appear on the same spot on every page. Images should also have a standard turning up in the same style to avoid confusion in customer’s mind.

4. Reduce Clutter: When people come to a website that’s overly cluttered with images or ads or navigation bars, they become frustrated. Hence, maintaining simplicity while being visually appealing and sending the message is very important.

5. Easy Interface: You surely don’t want to let your users struggle with the website scrolling. Keep the interface easy to use and simple to understand. For visual elements, the functionality should not be sacrificed or ignored. Running AB test will ensure the ease of use.

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