The importance of responsive website design as a ranking factor!

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The importance of responsive website design as a ranking factor!

We are now experiencing a mobile-first era and are gradually drifting towards a mobile-first index. This is because smartphones and tablets have taken the electronic world by a storm which is going to rage for years to come. In this environment, responsive web design is no longer an innovation. Instead, it has become a crucial aspect of an effective web strategy.

What is responsive website design?

Before we dive into further details, let’s take a quick look at what a responsive web design actually is. It is a website that automatically adapts itself to the screen it is being used on, regardless of the type of device. Such a design is transforming the way businesses build their online presence.

Why must you invest in responsive website design?

Responsive website design helps you rank highly in Google. And here’s why:

Cost effective – Maintain a separate website for each type of device be an extremely expensive Endeavor. Thus, a responsive web design helps you save money by investing in a single website.

Flexible – Changes to responsive web design can be made easily and quickly. Hence, such flexibility allows you to fix problems on time and retain your potential leads.

Better user experience – A responsive web design eliminates the need for scrolling and zooming with quicker content viewing. Thus, it offers an improved user experience and helps you leave a solid first impression.

SEO boost – Google favors those websites which are compatible with mobile devices. Thus, a responsive design can boost your search engine results.

Embrace a responsive web design

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