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Marketing as a concept has transformed over the years, with, The Production Concept, The Product Concept, The Selling Concept, The Marketing Concept and The Societal Marketing Concept.
In the contemporary world of today, we have reached a place where marketing has been defined from the point of view of an Influencer also.
Yes, we are talking about Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing

In Influencer Marketing, a company tries to associate its consumers with its products through an Influencer.
The concept is simple. Instead of directly targeting consumers to market their products, companies choose influencers to target their TG.
The idea is that Influencers would be successful in influencing people towards a product and that too easily.
E.g. Shahrukh Khan endorsing Hyundai and Hyundai’s brand value and sales growing rapidly.


Influencer Marketing can be identified through the following types-

  1. The Celebrity Influencer-
    This concept has two sides
    • A Celebrity Influencer
    • A Social Media turned Celebrity Influencer

    The Celebrity Influencer-

    Here, a celebrity is chosen by a company to endorse its products with the goal of deriving maximum marketing for it’s products.
    Any Film or Sports Celebrity acts as the Influencer.
    Cinema and Sports have been predominating fields especially in a country like India.

    Indian audiences draw huge connections from film and Sports starts and thereby have been impacted hugely.

    E.g. Shah Rukh Khan endorsing LUX
    Virat Kohli endorsing Wrong from Shoppers Stop
    P.V.Sindhu endorsing Gatorade
    Usain Bolt endorsing Puma

    The list is big.
    Virat Kohli becomes the richest brand icon of India and finishes 7th in the world with a brand value of 14 million USD dollars.

    Social Media turned Celebrity Influencer-

    Social Media is a synonym for progress, today. As the world steadily turns digital and so does India, Social Media helps companies connect and impact audiences more prominently.

    Connecting with audiences through a commoner who today is a social media rock star makes companies raise the EQ (emotional quotient) and impact them sensitively.

    Influencer Marketing bulges with Social Media influencers from Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or YouTube and more.
    E.g. According to Forbes magazine 2017, the distinguished social media influencers are –

    • FITNESS- Rachel Brathen –
      She turned a social media rock star in 2013 when she took to Instagram to sell yoga classes to millions. She published ‘Yoga Girl’, a New York Times bestseller in 2014 and charges $25,000 per Instagram post.

    • ENTERTAINMENT- Lilly Singh
      The Canadian born woman is known as the ‘Superwoman’ online for a number of good reasons. She became the highest earning You Tuber in 2016. She has a 27- city tour and a New York Times bestseller under her belt.

    • FASHION – Danielle Bernstein
      A blog started by the name ‘We Wore What’ in 2010 flourished making her social media superstar with 1.7 million Instagram followers making brands pay up to $20,000 in some cases. Second Skin Overalls and Archive Shoes are two of her brands launched in 2016.

    Outstanding campaigns on Social Media Influencer Marketing-

    • GAP– GAP took the social media to storm with its campaign. The campaign turned as a big hit and had enormous reach. Users were given options like ‘Shop this Look’ as the caption on photos.

    • International Women Day and National Geographic– In 2016, Nat Geo made a remarkable impact with its B2B social media influencer campaign. The brand launched a ‘Make What’s Next’ campaign to motivate young girls to study and work with STEM (fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

      The brand posted 30 photos on its 5 instagram accounts featuring prominent female scientists and adventures, the photos of whom were taken by influential wildlife photographers, generating 3.5m likes.

    • Successful Social Media Influential Marketing Campaign of 2017-
      • Sprint- #LiveUnlimited
      • Glossier- #ITGTopShelfie
      • Fiji Water and Danielle Bernstein- #bodyworewhat campaign.

  3. Authority Influencers – Such influencers build relations mainly on authority. E.g. Authority influencers mainly write books or articles or host a podcast or a video series etc. They often start with side projects.

  5. PR Influencers – PR influencers become great influence on brands especially start-ups. Even small PR influencers get hundreds of email pitches every day.

  7. Connectors – Connectors are another special type of influencers. Connectors are known for connecting with other influencers in their network. They are known to develop podcasts mainly since podcasts help to build 1 to 1 relationships.

Thus, Influencer Marketing is sea of opportunities for marketers to impact their audiences and get the maximum for their products. Every marketer, in case it decides to choose Influencer Marketing must choose it wisely and take smart decisions since if applied properly, influencer marketing will give prolific results to a business.

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