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Know the SEO trends to survive 2019

The practice of search engine system keeps evolving. With the incursion of data analytics and artificial intelligence, the digital domain has grown a lot and we see development in search engine algorithms and user experience. So here are 10 paramount SEO trends that all businesses should pay attention to:

1.Voice Search Revolution
With the voice search gaining popularity, focus on optimizing conversational keywords, local voice search and tones should be given.

2.Video Keyword Research
Along with sharing videos on different platforms with right tags and description it is important to use the sitemap to inform search engines to use metadata. Focus on the right video viewers- millennials and Gen Z humans.

3.Mobile First indexing
Your mobile site should be equally responsive and well structured as your website design. To enhance the user-experience you may also prepare for Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP.

4.Quality Content Development
For quality content, it is high time to trash stumping of keywords. Rather use long tail and specific keywords. Adopt a buyer’s style of content to increase conversions.

5.Secure Sockets Layer
To make users stick to your website, you should secure your website links to HTTP protocol for increased web security.

6.User Experience Design
To rank high on SERPs and to reduce bounce rate, make a user-friendly website. Also, DO NOT forget to optimize.

7. Blockchain for technical SEO
Add Blockchain to your search algorithms, this will help you to list legitimate sellers and get verified products, enabling you to rank higher on SERPs. You might as well use Blockchain Technology for online advertising.

8.Influence Marketing
To enhance your SEO presence, connect with influencers to give you backlinks and good reviews. Influencers have huge followers, not only will this increase your online presence but also, optimize your SEO to a large extent.

9.Long Content
Don’t extend content size because it’s of no use until quality content is not delivered to the audience. Make your content engaging and appealing.

10.Artificial Intelligence
With A.I. improving customers experience, you need to step back from all black hat SEO as algorithms are smart to understand our tactics. Whatever content you write has to have a context to it.

Having said the above points, you can hire a digital marketing company that is updated with the trends and new technology that are changing the way we did digital marketing till yesterday. MindEdge Solution is one of the best SEO building companies in Kolkata. You may visit their website for more information.

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