Rules of Content Marketing in 2019 that you can’t ignore

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Rules of Content Marketing in 2019 that you can’t ignore

All you create as a content writer has to be followed by a holistic content strategy as per the latest trend of that year and keeping in mind the constant change in consumer’s preferences. This include from starting the content thought, how to build it, the purpose of the content, your audience and the impact of the content on your business goals. For all of this, it’s better to have a rule book that you can keep a track of while curating an excellent piece of content. Follow the rules below:


Always have images of the content you want your users to experience. Build your strategy based on the end goal. The content you create should not only reflect your business but also be useful for the consumers to pay attention to. To make it easier, craft a content guide for yourself to follow throughout, this will help you keep on the track and organized while you create content

2.Determine your audience persona:

Your audience concern and requirement plays a major role in their buying process. Your approach to them will convince or keep them away from your brand. So understanding and creating unique value for them will help you build a strong base of loyal customers.

3.Content Catalogue and Calculations:

If it’s an established business, I’m sure you must be having a decent amount of content flowing in the web already. So the first step is to accumulate that content into your archive and then do the analysis of the performance.


The style of your content has to be consistent, unique yet recognizable, trustworthy, relatable. The structure should be maintained- logo, colour, fonts, templates, formats and alignment has to be consistent and in place.


As much as it is important to curate interesting content, it is equally vital to spread it to the right place.

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