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Style Baazar


  • Digital Marketing
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Style Baazar are one of the India’s retail pioneers with multiple retail formats. They have 35 stores across five states. Several customers walk into our stores everyday and choose products and services supplied by small, medium and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers across India. Style Baazar provides innovative offerings at affordable prices that are tailored to the needs of every Indian household.

Style Baazar wanted more followers and 5000 plus Coupon Sign-ups. They had a social media following but wanted to work towards making it better and more engaging.

At the earliest stage, we had updated all their digital presence in order to deliver correct communication across all channels. After that, we have designed coupon sign up a campaign with an instant coupon via SMS on Sign-up. Our strategy behind this whole campaign was to reach out to all prospects. Currently we are managing all their digital campaigns, online offers and online discount on Social media platform for all the 35 stores.

  1. Digital Marketing Campaigns for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation on Google, Facebook, You Tube.

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