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Switching Accounts in Facebook is just a click away

Social media marketing is the fastest medium to reach a targetted audience. Facebook leads the group owing to its popularity. Individuals and digital marketing agencies who needed to manage more than one facebook account faced a problem in keeping track of their multiple accounts. Each time user needed to check an account he had to logout from currently logged in account and then login to another, which made the process hazardous and time- consuming. To make our most used social media marketing platform more user-friendly, this problem has been solved by Facebook’s latest advanced feature of switching accounts without having to logout every time. Now switching between accounts is made easy. You can manage and keep track of multiple accounts at one go. No need to logout from your account to check the updates in other accounts. Simply switch between accounts and check updates.

Just follow these simple steps below to try this awesome feature:

1. Login to your account, you’ll come across a ‘switch account’ button next to your profile name.

2. You’ll get an option to add account.

3.Enter your Username and Password and login to another account.

4.Check the updates on the other account and switch to previous when required.

5.Post this step the account you are logged in will be visible with a green dot. Simply switch to the next account you want to view updates by entering the password.

Later on, if you do not have the need to use any of these multiple accounts you can simply remove the account. In this way, you can check updates of multiple accounts without the hassle of logging out from accounts each time. Just add your accounts and switch between accounts as and when required. Thus keep yourself updated with all your Facebook accounts with a blink of an eye.

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