Website Development and Website Design are two different elements of any website

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Website Development and Website Design are two different elements of any website

Website Design and Web Development may sound similar to many of us but these are two very specific and separate tasks. Both the terms have different prospects and meaning. Website design refers to the graphical representation, structure, theme and other visual elements of the website, whereas website development makes the design of the website a functioning one. Both website design and development go complement each other. There are various types of website designs that a web developer may use like HTTP, JavaScript, WordPress or any such programming languages.

If you’re outsourcing your website development and design task then ensure that you’re aware of all these details to know the value for your money.

Website Design principles:

1. Balance: The most vital principle for a web designer is to have a balanced layout. Without which the user’s mind will not be able to grasp the design and meaning of the brand. Balance in the context of dark and light colors, correct placements, large texts and small texts, font style and other icons. In fact, any such thing that contributes to the website design. The website has to be fully balanced.
2. Contrast: To be able to grasp attention to the specific sections in the website, it is well advised and a known rule to have a contrast in the visual appeal. Like texture, colors, fonts, photos and videos etc.
3. Unity: Unity will be the deciding factor on the viewer’s brain about your website. Everything looking at the place with properly organized and composed information at the same time graphically appealing is when unity is strong.

Website Development:

Those who develop websites are known as web developers or sometimes even programmers. They understand the theme and design of the website and code it to make it function. Website development is a very important part in website making without which the website cannot function. All the designs on the website created by the designer can only be set to function with proper coding and developing done in the backend.

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