Why Is Digital Marketing Important For A Startup? 4 Key Reasons!

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Why Is Digital Marketing Important For A Startup? 4 Key Reasons!

Digital Marketing- The Online Fuel

Digital Marketing has become a synonym for ‘Marketing’. Nowadays, customers ask for Digital Marketing instead of traditional marketing. A Facebook ad campaign often reaches more TG than a Television or Print ad. Why? This is because the world is getting digital. Even those staying in remote areas, especially in a country like India, have managed to book a space online either on Whatsapp or on Facebook.

An Instagram post powerfully creates more customer engagement than outdoor media can do.

Influencer Marketing too creates more brand engagement and brand identification. Influencer Marketing bulges with Social Media influencers from Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or YouTube and more.

E.g. According to Forbes magazine 2017, the distinguished social media influencers are –

  1. FITNESS – Rachel Brathen

She turned into a social media rock star in 2013 when she took to Instagram to sell yoga classes to millions. She published ‘Yoga Girl’, a New York Times bestseller in 2014 and charges $25,000 per Instagram post.

Also, not to forget, India too has witnessed a digital revolution with Jio. India, today, is living a living a digital life.


Start-ups and Digital Marketing- Imperative now (4 Reasons)

Start-ups get restricted with budget. They have limited budget and less manpower and the challenge is to overcome these hindrances and reach huge customers and generate maximum revenues.

Let us look into the 4 reasons which explain why digital marketing is needful for start-ups.


  • Economical Consumer Reach-


Digital Marketing makes it easier and inexpensive for start-ups to reach their TG unlike traditional marketing which is very expensive. Start-ups with the simple use of technology can target their audience at the right time and at a much lesser cost unlike TV commercials or print advertisements with limited reach and humongous costs.

  • Content Marketing- Today’s Superstar-

According to reports Content Marketing, (which an important element of Digital Marketing) costs 62% less than traditional marketing and also generates about 3 times as many leads. For start-ups content marketing costs 31 to 41% less than paid search and can also increase ones website conversions six fold.

Two companies which succeeded enormously with content marketing- Glossier and Mint

  • It is the most measurable form of marketing-


Start-ups are surrounded with challenges unlike big companies. And, it becomes vital for start-ups to measure their marketing success since they have limited budgets unlike big companies. Digital marketing analytics like Google Analytics help start-ups to measure their marketing success rates (how many people have visited ones website and for how long or whether a marketing campaign has gone hit or flop etc).


Digital marketing analytics helps to more effectively use ones resources and allocate ones marketing budget. It can help to improve one’s ROI.

  • E-commerce! The treasure of success!

For any start-up it becomes imperative to reach a large audience since it has to build brand awareness. This becomes very difficult offline. For e.g. a garment retailer cannot reach a large audience base with two stores in the city. However, through digital marketing, especially with E-commerce, he can make his product get listed online, say, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Club Factory, Snapdeal and more.
More people across more cities through E-commerce can be the ideal way out for any start-up. This will obviously multiply success.


These 4 key secrets can boost your company and give proliferating results.

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